Planta la Reina, the first sustainable and community program in the agave spirits industry.

We, as human race, must do something to preserve our planet for the next generations. Our activities have been the main driver of climate change, pollution and lost of diversity and not just the nature and wildlife are in danger, human health, food security and economic damages are also some of the disastrous consequences. 

The distillates industry has a negative environmental impact due to the energy that is needed during the production process. While beer demands 0.63 kg CO2 or white wine 1.01 kg CO2, agave spirits demand 1.7 kg CO2 and whisky 2.25 kg CO2. And, in contrast with whisky, that grains can be harvested every year; agave spirits are made from unsustainable raw material. Agave plant takes many years to mature and be ready to use it.

To produce 1 liter of hand craft agave spirit, it is needed 6 kilograms of agave, 20 liters or water, 7 to 13 kilograms of wood and, by the end of the process, 24 of “vinazas”* and 15-20 kilograms of bagazo* are left as waste products. So, it is imperative that brands and producers have proper agricultural practices to supply their own demand and to keep the habitat for the rest of the species. As well as to have plans for treating their by-products and give them new uses. 

Fortunately, there are some brands concern for the future of their products, the agave and the planet. As Raicilla La Reina. It practices agroecology, which it is nothing other than farming in the traditional way, as our ancestors did it. It plants agaves in available spaces between trees and native vegetation, along with beans or pumpkins to return nutrients to the soil. Allowing bats, bees and hummingbirds pollinate the mature agaves to obtain seeds and reproduce more agaves. No agrochemical and pesticides are used.  

Raicilla La Reina farms in the traditional way to keep the balance with the environment.

And the best of all, is that you can be part of the experience. Every year Raicilla La Reina organize a tour to Atenguillo, the main town, and to the taberna (the place where the Raicilla is produced) to plant agaves, drink Raicilla and enjoy the nature. It reforestation program is called “Planta una Reina” and consists in adopting an agave plant for 8 years and by the end, you will get back the Raicilla distilled from that agave. And, as a sponsor, you may look after your agave every year.

But planting is hard work, so don’t be afraid that you will end with back pain every night. Along a week you have different and fun activities as visiting other tabernas and tasting their Raicillas; or walking through the forest and refreshing in the local river. And the comfort is not compromise. You will spend your nights admiring the sky full of stars while you rest inside of some beautiful tents. An unforgettable glamping experience with an ecological approach.  

An unforgettable glamping experience with an ecological approach.

Therefore, you will eat delicious and traditional Mexican dishes, cooked by Silvia Topete, who gets the fresher ingredientes produced in the region. So, you are not only experimenting the nature or helping to reforest, also you will contribute with the local economy. 

The majority of the hand craft agave spirits factories are located in distant towns with high level of marginality and low level of education and public services. More jobs, schools and services are needed and if the spirits brands integrate the local people into their activities and have social programs to improve their well-being, they are developing a better place to stay for the community and for their own business.

Silvia Topete cooks traditional Mexican dishes with fresher ingredients obtained in the region.

Nowadays, Green marketing or environmental marketing encompass these practices in which companies show their commitment to sustainable development and social responsibility. They recognize they can make their products more attractive to consumers, while also taking actions to be environmental friendly. Furthermore, demonstrating a high level of social responsibility can increase brand loyalty among the socially conscious consumers. 

  • 48% of U.S consumers  would change consumptions habits to reduce environmental impact.
  • products with sustainable attributes have been steadily taking more share of store sales from 19.7% in 2014 to 25% in 2021. 
  • 90% of millennials would pay more for products that contain sustainable or environmentally friendly ingredients. 
  • brands that promote acting sustainability through their marketing saw a sales increase of 5%. 

Hopefully, the world is going green and if you are looking for ways to put your money into an investment opportunity that also benefit the natural environment, Raicilla La Reina could be your option. Because it has a high quality product, proper practices and an accurate commercial program in balance with its own capacity to supply the demand without compromised the time of the agave, the ecosystem and the necessities of its producers and families. 

Due to their growing popularity, you will find many agave spirits brands to invest but few of them will survive. On top of that, they won’t have so interesting and immersive experiences as Raicilla La Reina  develops for every brand event. So, don’t hesitate and next time, buy your ticket to be part of Planta Una Reina sustainable and community project.  

*Vinaza: is the liquid waste that remains after distillation. Highly acidic and toxic.

*Bagazo: is the fibrous solid waste from agave spirits production.


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