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Grand Opening “La Reina Showroom” in Guadalajara. Presenting 6 raicilla expressions and sharing the magic of “La Reina Experience”.

We are pleased to cordially invite you to the La Reina Showroom in Guadalajara. This exclusive experience will mark a milestone in the AGAVE spirits industry by presenting the 6 unique expressions of La Reina Raicilla: white, reposado, añejo, plata and puntas and the clothing collection created by great Mexican designers.


During this experience, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the rich history and crafts behind La Reina Raicilla, as well as taste its various expressions that capture the essence of tradition and innovation.

It is an honor for us to extend a warm invitation to an event that encapsulates the essence of tradition and fashion: the inauguration of an exciting chapter in the history of Raicilla La Reina.

At this event, Raicilla La Reina celebrates its new phase with a space that combines art, culture, and the authenticity of our ancestral and modern tradition. The evening will be characterized by a unique experience that seamlessly brings together raicilla served with exquisite oysters by La Docena Oyster&Bar, and anecdotes that exude the richness of our raicilla heritage.

Our goal is not only to share the excellence of our raicilla but also to honor the deep history that surrounds it. We aim to establish a space where tradition and innovation converge, creating synergies that boost local economies with a global vision. This idea stems from our unwavering commitment to keeping the tradition of raicilla alive while exploring new ways to present it to the world. We want to provide an experience that educates, delights, and connects people with our unique culture.

We will feature the presence of agave experts from Mexico and the USA, renowned chefs, fashion designers, local artists, and thought leaders who share our passion for the Jalisco legacy. We hope this event serves as a platform where attendees can immerse themselves in the richness of raicilla, understand its history and evolution, and experience its authenticity through the flavors and culture we offer.

Raicilla La Reina is a brand committed to the production, promotion, and sale of raicilla, merging ancestral heritage with a global vision to create local economic synergies. It is worth mentioning that every year we carry out the “Plant a Queen” event, where you plant an agave, and in 8 years, you will have a bottle of La Reina from the agave you planted—an initiative that reflects our commitment to sustainability and the preservation of the environment that surrounds us.

We look forward to sharing this unique and memorable experience with you at the inauguration of La Reina Showroom and being part of this story.




















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